James Randall Musings on software development, business and technology.
About me

This blog is pretty new but at some point I’ll get round to saying a few more professionally put together words here.

But for now the short version is I started, for fun, with the 8-bit micros (a BBC Model B) as a kid and the hobby turned into a job in about 1994. Started out writing C and assembler (6502 and 68000), C++, Smalltalk, SQL then C# and JavaScript (which turned into TypeScript) before I really got into F# which is my current tool of choice. There’s been a lot of other stuff along the way of course.

I’ve been fortunate to have done all sorts of things from graphics engines and scripting languages, some time developing 4GLs, embedded stuff, mobile stuff and web stuff. Today I mostly do work in the cloud - AWS and Azure.

I’ve worked as a developer, team leader, architect, development manager and CTO in startups, consultancies and product companies but I mostly think of myself as a problem solver and creator. I love to work with good folk to make stuff that solves real problems.

Always love to talk tech and meet fellow techies.

If I’m not at my keyboard I’m probably on my bike. Ideally going up a mountain.